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Advanced Technology used in our Office

We have been very selective in choosing the advanced dental technologies and procedures which have the biggest impact on improving the level of care for our patients. Our use of digital xrays allows us to obtain images of teeth with enhanced diagnostic value at a fraction of the radiation level compared to film-based xrays.

We also utilize an advanced laser cavity detection system that allows us to find certain types of cavities much earlier and treat them more conservatively. This helps us achieve our goal of emphasizing prevention over treatment and also selecting modes of treatment which are minimally invasive.

We are also excited about some very powerful diagnostic tests that can be performed simply from an analysis of a persons’ saliva. Advances in genetic research allow us to quickly determine the specific strains of bacteria which may be contributing to a patient’s periodontal infection– this allows us to tailor our therapy with greater precision and improves outcomes. These same tests can also find genetic markers in patients which we know put them at a much higher risk for aggressive periodontal disease and can identify the Human Papiloma Virus–a known risk factor and causative agent for oral cancer.

Our goal has always been to take the best possible care of our patients and just as we take the time to get to know each patient’s individual needs and concerns, we also take the time to measure the benefits of immerging technologies so that we are not simply adopting technology for the sake of being hi-tech.


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